My date with “Serato remote”

My Date With “Serato Remote

Waking up to mi amor via rain hazy brained from last nights riot, I decide to finish my research project about Pretty Lights. This was after the morning run around with my lil’ homie Nemo (my kitten). Unfortunately for me my kitchen sink was clogged due to my garbage disposal’s malfunction. Needless to say maintenance received and emergency call, the sink was fixed, and the day was saved. This is all leading up to my date with my darling remote. Well, I had an urge to cook but the sink killed much appetite. So I just ate Golden Graham’s. Compelled by the new iPad mini I purchased yesterday, I wrote my entire paper on QuickOffice. Mi amor went work prior to me completing the assignment, which left me and my iPad all alone. The project was completed and turned in via, the irony. Stoked to have finished the project I decided to reward myself with my inexpensive new Dj Toy and new found love. I arranged to setup the date by connecting Amia (my iPad) to my MacBook Pro through the USB. She synced beautifully, astounded by her beauty as I turn on Scratch Live followed by ” Remote” almost brought a tear to my eye. The colors were vibrant in the FX tab, sampler, and pad. The simple yet elegant layout consumed me immediately giving me full access to all the FX, loop functions, roll, even the ability to pic songs right from Amia. The duel deck layout leaves no room for latency and is pretty spot on with timing. I ended up spending roughly 30 minutes tweaking my FX to find the perfect combination of smooth transitioning and epic builds. I was in a trance although I played none, 11 songs deep I realized I had played an amazing set jokingly. Mind-blown it hit me that all my prayers were answered and this new app is the dreamiest toy a man could ever ask for. Then my ego kicked in saying there’s no way you just played the best set of your life, sadly enough it was probably true. That being said I’m passionately looking forward to playing with my new sweetheart all over Florida. For now at least, until I graduate Full Sail University. I strongly recommend everyone get there own steez, that’s my selfish side speaking. My sharing side says this is a fantastic app and every DJ would have a blast regardless of the arrangement they have. Of course unless they are Traktor or Ableton users, sorry about that. It’s worth ever penny and I’m about to go eat something and chill with Amia and caress her smooth body. Farewell and have a wonderful day!

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