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Love this Track! It was bound to happen drizzy, one who is apart of the team who went at the lady of a mogul. The track is pure genius!

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Nas – It ain’t hard to tell (remix)

An idol and legendary Hip Hop mogul is back for another round of lyrical mastery!

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Ro James Ft. Asher Roth – Lisa

This is my first time hearing about Ro James I may even been late to learn about him but this was a dope collaboration with Asher Roth. I’ve been a fan since Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1 and he never cease to amaze. Much props on this track the content was well put together and the flow was on point.

You can hear more from Ro James & Asher Roth Below

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Wiz Khalifa X Converse

Check out the latest addition to Wiz Khalifa’s kick collection in collaboration with the Taylor line.  Perfect collab for Taylor Gang’s leader notorious out of Pittsburgh, PA. The release is August 23rd make sure to get your pair ASAP!!  

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Damn Lupe!!! Are you really doing this to kendrick? He disrupted the balance of real hip hop!!


S/O to HearItFirstRadio

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Eminem – Survival



Stream the full official version of Eminem’s “Survival”, music from the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Check out Shady Records entire soundcloud feed Below : VVVV



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Joell Ortiz – Outta Control (Response To Kendrick Lamar)

Response to Kendricks Verse on Control! Who’s next to speak on the issue?

S/o To Big Todd-Ent For the track… Although it’s a Funk Master Flex Exclusive!

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Big Sean – Control ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica


More controversy it seems, was this track meant to be a diss? What were the true intentions of the artist self titled Makaveli’s son (Tupac’s offspring) figuratively speaking.  Name droppin’, Hall of fame droppin’, whats going to rise out this attack? Or should I say who? Meme’s have already been virally spread throughout the internet pertaining to this song. Is this a publicity stunt? A career changer or career ender? If so who’s the culprit? 7 Minutes of intense lyrical linguistic, what’s not to love?  Surprisingly of all the up and comers named there was a two that come to mind that weren’t mentioned…. Hopsin, and Tyler the creator? Two artist that I believe have a magnificent chance of being quite the impact in the music industry.


What’s your opinion on the topic?


I aint taking shit from nobody unless they O.G.’s,  Cause that ain’t the way of an O.G. ~ Big Sean

Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of yall new just new nigga’s don’t get involved ~ Kendrick lamar


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